I am, one of two daughters of a lovely woman living with dementia. My mother was diagnosed with dementia in October 2015.

Following a series of mini-strokes and a stay in hospital, mum went into a care home. I write more about what happened in this letter, to my Dear Mum. Since then, my husband, sister and I have been trying to support mum, as well as we can. I moved in to her house in South Wales, far away from my husband in Brighton, so I was at hand to visit and take her out frequently. I worked with the carers in the home to improve her wellbeing.

After two and a half years in the care home I finally decided to bring mum back to her own home, where I would be her main carer. I am doing this for a year while I consider her next move.

I set up this blog to share ideas and strategies about supporting someone who is living with dementia. It is meant for other people who have relatives with the disease. I would like to start a conversation with people who are going through similar experiences, and professionals who have expertise to share. I hope to learn from you and your experiences, and to share mine.

Julia Powell and mum, June Powell on the beach. Picture taken around 1966
Mum (right) and me (left!) on the beach. circa 1966

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