I cared for my mother who lived with dementia. She was diagnosed with dementia in October 2015.

Following a series of mini-strokes and a stay in hospital, mum went into a care home. I write more about what happened at that distressing time in this letter, to my Dear Mum. Since then, my husband, sister and I have been trying to support mum, as well as we can. I moved in to her house in South Wales, far away from my husband in Brighton, so I was at hand to visit and take her out frequently. I also worked with the carers in the care home to improve her wellbeing.

After two and a half years in the care home I finally decided to bring mum back to her own home, where I looked after for a year.

Julia Powell and mum, June Powell on the beach. Picture taken around 1965
Mum (right) and me (left!) on the beach circa. 1965

I set up this blog to share ideas and strategies about supporting someone who is living with dementia. It is meant for other people who have relatives with the disease. I would like to start a conversation with people who are going through similar experiences, and professionals who have expertise to share.

A huge thank you to Jack Latimer, my husband, who edits my blog posts.

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