Decision Time: Does Mum Stay Home?

Mum has been back at her former care home since last Friday. This has enabled me to attend a mindfulness teacher training course in Oxford and take holiday with my husband, Jack. After six weeks looking after mum, I felt physically and emotionally drained when I dropped her off. As I drove away I felt … Continue reading Decision Time: Does Mum Stay Home?

Should I Bring Mum Home?

Since mum went into care in October 2015, I have been wondering whether an institutional home is the right place for her. Experts and professionals involved in dementia care have insisted to me that she is better off in a care home. This reassurance has put my mind at rest for weeks, and even months, at a time. However, the question invariably comes back with greater force and more insistence than before.

Mum and me at Bryngarw Country Park

Finding the Contented Dementia formula

Last Friday, mum burst into tears when I arrived at the care home. She was upset about not being able to pay for lunch, having accumulated debts, and having to rely on others. Lunch is included and she’s not in debt, but yes, she is relying on others. Through her tears, she explained that her … Continue reading Finding the Contented Dementia formula