Please use the reply box below to say how you support your relative’s self esteem and sense of wellbeing. If you are happy to write a post email me separately using the content form.

Mum and I at Rest Bay cafe in Porthcawl
Mum and I at Rest Bay cafe

2 thoughts on “Your experience

  1. Hello Julia
    I work in Commissioning for the NHS and I noticed a comment you posted on Shelagh’s blog “” so I’ve had a quick look through your blog too and now you’re on my desktop 🙂

    One of my projects is dementia and whilst my 88 year old Mum has a diagnosis of borderline cognitive impairment, I don’t currently have personal experience of dementia. So I look to people like you and Shelagh to improve my knowledge and understanding about what it’s like for people in the real world.

    It’s really important for us all to raise the profile of dementia. I really believe that dementia will travel a similar journey to cancer and I hope, and pray, that in 20 years time (why not sooner), dementia won’t have the stigma that it currently has.

    So this is really a ‘thank you’ for being brave enough to share yours and your Mum’s story. Throughout all of your posts, there is hope and we can all do with some of that.

    Good luck to you and your Mum, I will continue to look to people like you and Shelagh for insight.

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    1. Delighted to be on your desktop Claire! Thank you so much for your kind comments, and for taking the time to read my posts. Yes, I think the stigma associated with dementia is a real barrier to people seeking early diagnosis, and therefore the support they need to live well and independently for longer.


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